Medicinal Herbalism - Monthly Box

Medicinal Herbalism - Monthly Box

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Each month The Perma Pixie will be releasing a different box of assorted herbs from her Medicinal Garden in Coburg, at Joe’s Farmers Market along the Merri Creek.

This grassroots Herbalism initiative aims to assist your connection to Medicinal plants, with raw herbs for processing, recipes and samples of certain foods or remedies made from the garden.

There is much talk of local food, but what about local medicine?

Join our Grassroots Herbalism program today and receive a monthly box to make various delicious foods, beverages and household remedies.

Each month you will receive a recipe booklet explaining how to process the herbs and create your own remedies, ways to incorporate them into meals and the nutritional and medicinal benefits.

You can become a yearly member, or buy your box each month.


Ordering and Dispatch:

Generally, the boxes will be released on the 1st of the month, and orders need to be placed by the 3rd Thursday of the month for pickup on the following day, the 3rd Friday of the month.

For this month, the pick up date will be Friday the 22nd of October at 12:30pm. If you cannot pick up this time, we can hold it for you and you can pick it up at the Saturday Market the following day.

The Herb boxes are dispatched once a month, and you have the opportunity to but your box monthly at $50 per box, or become a yearly member for $550, which includes the herbs, some ephemeral products, jars and instructions to make your own meals and remedies with seasonal medicinal herbs.
Limited to 20 boxes per month, or 20 memberships per year.