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Nerve Elixir

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Nerve Nourisher

- Anxiety Soother 

This is a hand grown, hand picked and hand-crafted mix of Milky Oat tips, which are only ripe for 2 weeks of the year!
It is a special herbal blend, picked at the most opportune time for maximum potency.

This herbal remedy is useful for anxiety and is especially beneficial when taken during daily. The milky white substance that is exuded upon picking has a compound responsible for soothing the nervous system, and is called a 'Nervine Trophorestorative' which means Restorative to the Nerves.

Useful for:
Digestive issues due to stress 
Lack of energy 
Lack of libido 

(*please consult a reliable doctor or therapist for further assistance, this is not designed to be a product that 'fixes' you or makes your troubles disappear- it is designed to be used alongside responsible lifestyle management.) 

For anxiety - 1 dropper 5 times a day, or 5 droppers in a water bottle to sip through the day

For general stress management, fatigue or depression - 3 droppers per day with food

There are no known contraindications, apart from those with avenin sensitivities. 
There is no gluten contained within oats, however there are people with avenin allergies and sensitivities, a protein within oats. If you are gluten sensitive you may also find oats do not fully agree with you and you have an issue to avenin also. 


Oats (Avena sativa), Alcohol, Honey, H2O 
*Not vegan, however honey is sourced from local, organic and sustainable hives with responsible stewardship of the bees <3