Forage Calendar Tea Towel

Forage Calendar Tea Towel

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Forage Calendar Tea Towel

Learn to forage and wildcraft, with this seasonal guide to harvesting for wild food and medicine! 

Foraging is a small, yet revolutionary act, giving more autonomy over your food and health, whilst developing and maintaining a connection with the bioregion you are a part of. 

This poster shows when different leaves, roots, flowers and seeds are available to wildcraft. 

Foraging can seem overwhelming at first, there is so much to take in! 
That is why I designed this guide to help people know what is in season at different times of year, what to look out for and what to harvest!

The common names are provided, however each purchase comes with a PDF of the latin names so people can ensure correct identification, and also comes with an ethical harvesting handout. 

This Temperate guide divides the year into 8 parts, the Solstices, Equinoxes and then the sabbath festivals. 

Winter Solstice  
June 20th - 23rd - Southern Hemisphere  
December 20th -23rd - Northern Hemisphere

Imbolc  - First fertility festival
August 1st - Southern Hemisphere  
February 2nd - Northern Hemisphere

Spring Equinox  
September 20th - 23rd - Southern Hemisphere  
March 20th - 23rd - Northern Hemisphere

Beltane  - Final fertility festival 
October 31st - Southern Hemisphere  
May 1st - Northern Hemisphere

Summer Solstice  
December 20th – 23rd - Southern Hemisphere  
June 20th - 23rd - Northern Hemisphere

Lammas  - First harvest festival 
February 2nd - Southern Hemisphere  
August 1st - Northern Hemisphere  

Autumn Equinox  
March 20th-23rd - Southern Hemisphere  
September 20th-23rd - Northern Hemisphere  

Samhain  - Final harvest festival
October 31st - Southern Hemisphere  
May 1st - Northern Hemisphere

Happy Foraging!